A Journey Along Olde Kings Road

November 21 & 22, 2020

Join us for A Journey Along Olde Kings Road 2020! On November 21-22 2020 The Florida Agricultural Museum will offer a timeline of demonstrations and encampments of importance to Florida, it’s people and agriculture.

The Old Kings Road as we know it today has a very long history. Originally an Indian footpath, it’s route was formed well before humans set foot in Florida. Follow the history of this well worn road from prehistory into the present and towards the future of Florida.

We are currently seeking: Historical demonstrators and interpreters for the History section of the timeline. We are also seeking demonstrators of significant Florida agricultural products and methods for the Present and Future segment.

In addition we are looking for sponsors for the Historical encampments. This is open to all businesses and persons interested in helping us promote Florida History and Agriculture in an accurate and hands-on way.
Below is a list of possible Stations for the History segment.

Station 1: 12,000–10,000 BP Pre-human Early Human History; Pleistocene Extinctions, Windover Bog People

Station 2: 10,000 BP-1500 AD; Pre Columbian Hunter/Gatherer, Slash and Burn Farming, Fishing

Station 3: 1500-1763 Age of Discovery, First Spanish Period, Naval Stores, Cattle and Blacks in Fl, French Massacre

Station 4: 1738-1763 Ft Mose, War of Jenkins’ Ear

Station 5: 1763-1783 British Period, Rev War (Hewitts Mill), Bartram, Plantations/Minorcans

Station 6: 1783-1821 Second Spanish Period; Early Cattle Ranching, Black Cowboys, Patriots War

Station 7: 1821-1845 Seminole Wars, Territorial Period

Station 8: 1845-1868 Early Statehood, Antebellum/Slavery, Civil War, Reconstruction/Cracker Cowboys

Station 9: 1880-1920 Railroads, Strawn/Citrus, Traxlers/Mercantile, Forestry/Turpentine

Station 10: 1920-1945 Prohibition/Moonshine/Great Depression, WW2

Please contact: Charlie Cracker via email at charliecracker@floridaagmuseum.org or call The Florida Agricultural Museum at (386) 446-7630 for consideration.
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