The Florida Agricultural & Resource Museum (Hereby know as the F.A.R.M.) is not responsible for any injuries caused by any animals.

Guest are to remain in their cars at all time during the tour.

Drivers are to STOP and YIELD to persons, farm vehicles and animals that may be in roads, paths or line of sight.

You may only park in the designated areas for 15 minutes at a time. No more or no less. If you have arrive at your next tour point early please wait at a safe distance unto the car in front moves to their next tour point

Once your tour starts you must continue without altering the route or stops.

Bathrooms are located at the main office and can be used either priot to of after your scheduled tour.

Tour start and finish times cannot be adjusted once ther are booked and confirmed.

NEVER feed any animals.

Any person misbehaving or mistrreating FARM Animals or equipment will be asked to leave the property along with the group they arrived with.