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Circa 1880s
The Strawn Citrus Plantation offers a great view into the Citrus industry in Florida. You will have the opportunity go into several of the buildings used during …

Circa 1880s
The Homestead will take student on a fantastic journey through and actual Cracker Style Homestead of the Clark family who …

(Estimated time 1670 – Fort started in 1672)
Ship & Sailors will take you into the world of Spanish exploration by sea. Learn what it took to explore and conquer by…

Archaeology is the study of material remains of cultures. Archaeologist use what has been left behind by ….

Pioneer Era 1821—1900’s
In 1821, the United States bought Florida from Spain. Homesteading was encouraged by the government to ….

Spanish Settlement 1565—1763
The Spanish settle St. Augustine on September 8th, 1565. It was a military outpost that included three standing

Pre-European Florida 1565
The natives of North Florida were known as the Timucua Indians and their settlement in this area was called the Village of Seloy